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Hi there! My name is Tobias, and I'm a regular guy from Denmark. I like to draw, and make music, although I'm pretty much an amateur at both... Cheers! -Tobias

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Aight people. Probably not alot of you guys will be reading this and even less of you will care. Anyway, I thought I'd clairify a few things about the art I currently have up on newgrounds not to mention the art that is to come in the future:
I have often been accused for using photoshop or gimp or some other fancy program for my pieces. I can assure you though, that this is not the case. I use simple and normal ms paint for ALL of my pieces unless otherwise stated.
That means, that my signatures take a shitload of time to make compared to alot of other stuff you'll find in the art portal. It also means that I don't have all the fancy tools from any of the good programs. I don't have any smudging tool, any layer options or any opacity possibilities. I have to handraw it all and carefully place each of (or most of) the pixels by hand. Although my signatures might look more simple then most other stuff, it also have a much more cleaner look, so hopefully they wont be boring.

Most of the stuff I will put up here will most likely be verry old, since I always loved drawing and making signatures and as such have a rather large library of old pictures I made back in the days.
Since I only have room for 20 drawings in my galery though you can be sure that I'll only put up the best of the best!
So look forward to it guys! Alot of awesome stuff is to come:)

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