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Looks awesome

I totaly agree with the guys who says the hat need to go. It's fucking' awesome in my opinione.
The series itself looks very promesing, if you ever get it done, that is... I truly look forward to eventualy seeing the result, and I hope you decide to finish this project even though it will be a long and hard way to go.
I know alot of people agree with me on the last part:)


Aight, I gotta admit i expected less... But boy... Did I get surprised. It nearly look EXACTLY like the original Madness style, and I seriously thought you edited the orignal clips at first.
But then i read your description, and realized you made it all... I'm impressed... I'm seriosly impressed.
Even your ideas were awesome:O
The jesus clip cracked me uo:P

Please do continue with the animations...

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Oh snap!

Cannot beleave i actually discovered a B0unc3 Song on the front page:O
I'm not gonna go too much indephs with this review, but here goes:
I dont know if it's because this is just a "preview" or if it's meant to be that way, but it's like there is no real climax in the song... I know asking for a climax in a song that's only 1 min long might be asking for a bit much, but it's sort of a let down to have a build up leading directly to what appears to be a break.
I dig the 8-bit-ish sounds, but i dont think it's suited for a lead melody. A synth with a bit more power for the lead would be ace:)
Oh wellz, this is still verry nice, although not by your usual standarts. Verry good job as always:D

B0UNC3 responds:

Was just messing around to have some fun with a girl. She didn't believe I was "b0unc3" :P But thanks, I'll keep that in mind if I finish it.

Needs a heavy kick

Daym son. If you made this yourself then im impressed. The little twists and turns combined with the many effects and creepy sounds give this an awesome feel to it that would be suited for a hardcore track.
I would take out the "snoop doggy dog" part though. Other then that, add an intro and a propper hard kick and this shit is ready to fly!

The last version were better...

First off: this review is VERRY unstructured and might be hard to undertand do to my bad english and cunfusing way of arranging stuff...

Secondly: Dude, what the hell did you do to this song? D:
You might wonder why i droped the score from 8 to 6... The reason why i did this is because you practicly butchered it... Allow me to explain:

I noticed something about the chorus that you should change that ididnt notice last time. As the chorus is now it plays at the same time, and in the same notes, as the piano. Instead you should try and make it so that the chorus play 1 constant note for each bar(meybe 2 dephending on what sounds best) and then change to another in the next bar.
If you dont understand what i mean then just send me a pb and ill send you a picture that'll exsplain it better:P

I know this isnt my usual style, but i'll jump straight to 0:56 since this is the place where the first noticable change from your previous version occures.
That snare anoys the hell out of me... It sounds like a the beginning of a buildup but instead it keeps on going on in the same rythm. It's too loud and verry unnatural and thus out of place. I suggest you remove it and add some cymbals or something instead.

at 1:09 you bring in a break. It last untill 1:24 and practicly identical to the rest of the song since you the only thing you did was to remove the bass and beat.
After that the melody starts again. from this point and onwards there is nothing new. The "second climax" is the same as the first. At this point the melody is starting to get anoying.

In general: The mastering seemed fine in the last version, but in this version the instruments overpower each other and as such the kick and various other elements in the track got butchered. It also makes the changes from the previous version hard to hear.
You didnt change the second half of the melody eather, so that's still there to pull down the rating. Practicly the first 54 seconds is the same as in the last version, except the mastering is worse.

You also need a break that somehow split the song in to more obvious parts. As for example the break at 1:10 could've been longer and a secondary melody could've been added.

I like the reverb you put on each 2nd of the claps though. That's a nice touch:P

I really have no idea how you should fix the mastering though... I really suck at that myself too:(
Anyway, as first mentioned this review is verry confusing and badly structured. Therefore i'll give you this list with the stuff you should focus on fixing:
-The mastering
-A propper break
-Remove the snare thingy
-Change the second half of the melody

Aight, im getting tired of writing now, so i think ill end this review quickly:P Im sorry i didnt have that many good things to say, but i'd just be repeating myself since i already mentioned them in the review on the previous version:P


St0rmChaser responds:

well, there are not many good things to say about it, so thats probably why xD.

Um, im sorry i didnt tell you before you wrote the review, but this was an old version i uploaded xD. i have received a few nice mastering lessons which helped the song a lot.

The problem with the melody is that i dont have a clue how to change it.
for some reason its very difficult to change..
I already tried a countermelody, but that turned out even worse.
Also the snare sounds better at my new version.

I totally agree with the break.
Perhaps i should try to add some other bells to it.

The review was clear to me at most of the review, only the 'Chorus' part is a bit unclear to me.

greets St0rmChaser

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He he he...

Oh my god, I remembered that from the pixeljoint comunity:D
Although i never submited anything, not to mention take my time to create an user, I do lurk alot to watch all the awesome pixelart.
This weeks chalenge provided a verry dificult pallete, so i won't really go into critizising you're use of collours. However. Everything looks too plain. You need to add some more interesting textures so the buildings wont just seem as blocks placed next to each other:S
The black outlines is generally a bad idea too. Make them some other colours so they wont stand out as much:)

I'd have liked to make this review a little more indept, but I gotta go eat now. Good luck in the competition:)

Cantdoright responds:

I see what you mean when you say I need more texture, but I really dont know how make texture for something this small. Matbe ill try to add some cracks in the buildings and make the city more run down I don't know. As for the black outline, I really don't know what else to change it to with my limited pallete colors. Thanks for the coment though, It makes me happy that some poeple have time in their day to help me.

Now THIS is something!:D

Compared to the blue banner of yours I just reviewed this is def something i can approve of!
I normaly wouldnt tend to like a blue line deviding a banner or signature like that, but this actually looks pretty decent! I'd suggest you make the line fade out in the left side so it doesnt feels like it's one complete picture rather then 2 individual pictures glued togeather.
The colourscheme kicks ass though. Thebrown colour fits perfectly togeather with the calm blue background, and the orange letters compliments the banner as a whole as well. Making the roots of the tree in the "i-forgot-the-name-style" is pretty fucking neat as well.
The font is cool too. It's generally verry anonymous compared to alot of other fonts, and thus it fits perfectly into the clean look of this banner. Birds, clouds and plants are a great addition as well. Thumbs up on that:)

I'd suggest you do something about the buttom though. It's too plain. Add a gradient or something... Not quite sure, but just do something:P

Overall it's a really nice banner!

Xadyu responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

About the bottom part though, it's plain like that because that's where the page starts, I could make a transition, but in my POV it just didn't feel right.

When the website was online it looked pretty neat in the completed form, but if you look at it in this way, you're right.

Great idea about the fading line though, I wasn't thinking like that. I wanted the banner and the rest of the website to be separated, but it's actually a great idea!

And lol, this is probably the actual definition of a late respond..

Too little effort

I LOVE that game!:D
I cant imaging that the picture itself was that hard to make, and the effort put into it cant possibly be that big. The fonts are boring and need some work.
It's easy to see that the toaster resambles balrog so tha'ts a plus.
The drawing is decent and cleen looking though, and although it's not top notch, i wouldnt say it's trash worthy eather. A decent piece if you ask me, but the other drawings in you'r galery really seems to shine compared to this one:S

lukatesi responds:


Hi there! My name is Tobias, and I'm a regular guy from Denmark. I like to draw, and make music, although I'm pretty much an amateur at both... Cheers! -Tobias

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