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Welcome to Egad! Welcome to Egad!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

He he he...

Oh my god, I remembered that from the pixeljoint comunity:D
Although i never submited anything, not to mention take my time to create an user, I do lurk alot to watch all the awesome pixelart.
This weeks chalenge provided a verry dificult pallete, so i won't really go into critizising you're use of collours. However. Everything looks too plain. You need to add some more interesting textures so the buildings wont just seem as blocks placed next to each other:S
The black outlines is generally a bad idea too. Make them some other colours so they wont stand out as much:)

I'd have liked to make this review a little more indept, but I gotta go eat now. Good luck in the competition:)

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Cantdoright responds:

I see what you mean when you say I need more texture, but I really dont know how make texture for something this small. Matbe ill try to add some cracks in the buildings and make the city more run down I don't know. As for the black outline, I really don't know what else to change it to with my limited pallete colors. Thanks for the coment though, It makes me happy that some poeple have time in their day to help me.

Xadyu's Promising Header Xadyu's Promising Header

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Now THIS is something!:D

Compared to the blue banner of yours I just reviewed this is def something i can approve of!
I normaly wouldnt tend to like a blue line deviding a banner or signature like that, but this actually looks pretty decent! I'd suggest you make the line fade out in the left side so it doesnt feels like it's one complete picture rather then 2 individual pictures glued togeather.
The colourscheme kicks ass though. Thebrown colour fits perfectly togeather with the calm blue background, and the orange letters compliments the banner as a whole as well. Making the roots of the tree in the "i-forgot-the-name-style" is pretty fucking neat as well.
The font is cool too. It's generally verry anonymous compared to alot of other fonts, and thus it fits perfectly into the clean look of this banner. Birds, clouds and plants are a great addition as well. Thumbs up on that:)

I'd suggest you do something about the buttom though. It's too plain. Add a gradient or something... Not quite sure, but just do something:P

Overall it's a really nice banner!

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Xadyu responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

About the bottom part though, it's plain like that because that's where the page starts, I could make a transition, but in my POV it just didn't feel right.

When the website was online it looked pretty neat in the completed form, but if you look at it in this way, you're right.

Great idea about the fading line though, I wasn't thinking like that. I wanted the banner and the rest of the website to be separated, but it's actually a great idea!

And lol, this is probably the actual definition of a late respond..

Huzzah! Huzzah!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Too little effort

I LOVE that game!:D
I cant imaging that the picture itself was that hard to make, and the effort put into it cant possibly be that big. The fonts are boring and need some work.
It's easy to see that the toaster resambles balrog so tha'ts a plus.
The drawing is decent and cleen looking though, and although it's not top notch, i wouldnt say it's trash worthy eather. A decent piece if you ask me, but the other drawings in you'r galery really seems to shine compared to this one:S

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lukatesi responds:


Dad Dad

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice little scribble:)

I don't really mind the scribbly hair:P I think it suits the style pretty neatly!
The facial expression is awesome, and i like his outfit - its the clothes a stereotype of an awesome child-beating father would wear!:D
However... There's some minor flaws about the anatomy. Now I don't expect you'r drawing to be realistic, but his hands and the lower parts of his hands are simply too small. It make them seem to fragile, like he couldnt even beat the child even if he wanted to. It somewhat ruins the message in the picture. This is the biggest flaw about the drawing in my opinion...
His right foot is a little too short too, but whatever:P

You should fix the underwear as well... The hearts is placed oddly, and the upper part of them doesnt have any hearts at all:S
Shirt, slippers and belt is cool though. No critique there...

I absolutely love the description. It cracked me up how you used the term "nice and caring". Awesom humor! Thumbs up lad:)
Overall this is a nice little scribble!

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