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Hi there! My name is Tobias, and I'm a regular guy from Denmark. I like to draw, and make music, although I'm pretty much an amateur at both... Cheers! -Tobias

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I believe you son, I hear ya' too. And I say, keep up the awesome work! :D

Thanks alot champ, and you too:D

I like my sugar with cookies and cream!Your awesome hellstick

if you don't mind me asking why don't you just use photoshop

Ofcause i dont mind:P
Well, i have multiple reasons actually... First of all i like the idea of actually making the whole drawing myself. I cant help but feel that people who use photoshup just pull some lewers and push some buttons where as people who use paint in the way i do almost place every single pixel carefully:) It feels like I made the drawing, rather then the program did.
Besides, I find it kinda entertaining when people dont beleave me when i say i use paint:P Although it's a bit anoying to have to hand them proof it's still somewhat of a compliment.

I might change program for good at some point or another, but for now ill stick to paint:)

"The Voice Experiment" was insanely good!

You have my serious respect, back then I was really amazed about your "Drop the Bombs picture" and I think I'll see great stuff from you, made in paint only, in future as well! xD
Mh, I like spriting very much, especially animating with pixels for video games and I thought it would be great if you took a look at my work, too. (I do not upload most of my pixel-stuff on NG, so here is a link to some of my work I've published in a forum: <a href="http://forum.rpg2000.4players.de/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=25&amp;t=82623&amp;start=630">http://forum.rpg2000.4players.de/phpB B3/viewtopic.php?f=25&amp;t=82623&amp ;start=630</a> (open the spoiler in the second post of that site)) Would be awesome if you took a look. :b

Keep up the nice work, Hellstick!

Yo, i checked out the stuff in your post and i must say that you def have a better grasp on spriting then i will ever get:P
I like your skill animations in particular! Only real critique would be the collour choice though. Try adding some brighter collours to your sprites in general:)

ANYWAY! I greatly appreciate the compliments and Im glad you took your time to sit down and write souch a long message for me. I think youll be pleased to hear that i have another piece that i want to upload once i have found someone who can help me add some transperancy:P

Oh well, keep up the good work!

cool, ms paint is pretty basic and i know how time consuming pixel art is. I don't do much pixel art but when i do i use GraphicsGale Free Edition, its pretty similar to paint but it allows for you to be zoomed in 2000% and have a smaller window showing it at normal distance which i find quite useful. anyway, congrats for being able to do what you do using only mc paint. also, would you mind checking out my artwork? it would be much appreciated...